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“Poke Poke Man” Arrested For Poking Food In Convenience Store Hot Pot (Video)

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Arrested over 7 dollars.

On December 15th Aichi Prefectural Police arrested a 28-year
old man on charges of destruction of property and forcibly obstructing business
after they found a video he uploaded to Instagram where he repeatedly pokes the
food (oden) in a convenience store hot pot. The man has admitted to the

According to police, the incident occurred on November 28th at about 12:05 AM at
a convenience store in the city of Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture. In
the video the man, named Yusuke Toyoshima, can clearly be seen poking the food
in the store’s communal vat of oden with his finger as he says “tsun tsun”
(poke poke).

The food that the man poked, called oden, consists of
ingredients like boiled eggs, daikon and fishcakes stewed in a light
soy-flavored dashi broth and is often sold at convenience stores. Stores
provide customers with tongs and ladles so they can both serve themselves and not directly touch any of the food. However, because Toyoshima touched the food directly the
clerk was forced to throw away all of the food in the vat and wash all the

According to police, the female clerk said that because
Toyoshima was large she was too scared to tell him anything when she saw him
poking the food.

After the video started spreading online Toyoshima quickly
gained the nickname “Oden tsun tsun otoko,” or the “oden poke poke man.”
Although he initially seemed not to be repentant about his actions he has since
apologized and shut down his Instagram account.

In total, the value of the food that Toyoshima caused the convenience store clerk to throw away was about 7 dollars.


Source: Mainichi Shinbun, Yahoo News Japan

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