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Bulma Makes Vegeta Clean Toilets In New Commercial (Video)

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Only Bulma is powerful enough to make the prince of the Saiyans clean toilets.

A Japanese cleaning supplies and cosmetics company has released a new video which proves that the amazing strength of Dragon Ball‘s characters can also be harnessed for common everyday chores.

Released on Monday (Feb. 19) by Koa, one of the largest makers of cleaning supplies and cosmetics in the world, this new commercial shows Bulma and Vegeta taking on their most fearsome and terrible foe yet: grime and mold.

Called “Vegeta’s New Battle,” this amusing commercial opens up with Vegeta very proudly declaring that he “has no more opponents left.” Hearing this, Bulma quickly interjects telling Vegeta “Yes, outside the home you don’t have any more opponents, but in the bathtub you have one and it’s called grime! So help me.”

Vegeta then wastes no time and locks in on his new opponent saying “What a dirty bathtub. Huh? It’s pink. What’s this black stuff?”

He then let’s his disgust explode and declares “I will blow it all away!” before unleashing his trademark move, the Final Flash.

After his overzealous attempt at cleaning is over though, Bulma ends up exasperated and tells Vegeta that when fighting grime all they need are the Koa cleaning products she has in her hands.

Check out this ridiculous commercial below.

Aside from simply being a comical ad, this commercial is noteworthy in that it marks the official debut of Bulma’s new voice actress. Hiromi Tsuru who was Bulma’s original voice actress suddenly passed away late last year. Earlier this month it was announced that voice actress Aya Hisakawa would be taking over the role. Although Bulma did speak in the February 18 episode of Dragon Ball Super, the lines were reused audio recorded by Tsuru prior to her death.

Source:  Animate Times
Images: 花王 ブランド横断 汚れと闘え!君も今日からおそうじ戦士だ! 動画広告 ベジータ (Kao Japan)

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