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Fukushima Evacuee Blackmailed By Junior High Classmates Into Buying Snacks For Them

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The Board of Education of Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward
revealed on December 13th that a female junior high student attending a school
in said Ward was bullied by 3 of her classmates for being an evacuee from
Fukushima, the area of Japan where the nuclear meltdown accident occurred after
the devastating 9.1-magnitude 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The 3 students allegedly
blackmailed the Fukushima evacuee into buying about 10,000 yen (about 86 U.S. dollars)
worth of snacks and drinks for them by threatening to reveal that she was from
According to the Chiyoda Ward Board of Education, the victim’s
mother approached school officials about the ongoing bullying after she found
empty drink bottles and snack wrappers stuffed into her daughter’s bag in late
November. The mother told them that her daughter was taking money out of her
wallet in order to buy snacks and drinks for her classmates. The next day
school officials talked to the victim and learned more details. The girl stated
that several of her classmates had been calling her “evacuee.” She also said
that they had called her “poor” because she had evacuated from Fukushima. The
girl also explained that 3 of her classmates had been pestering her to buy them
snacks and other things, as well as threatening to reveal to other classmates that
she was from Fukushima if she did not. She also revealed that some of her
textbooks, notebooks and school related papers had gone missing.
Meanwhile, the students who are said to have called
the girl “evacuee” are denying these allegations. Among these students there
are also some that are claiming that they did not even know the girl was a
Fukushima evacuee. As for the 3 students that are accused of coercing the girl
into buying them snacks and drinks, they have admitted to asking the girl to “treat
them” but they also stated that they did not consider their actions to qualify
as bullying. One of the students also admitted to borrowing money for the train
from the girl but said that he believed he had paid her back.
The Chiyoda Ward Board of Education is taking these
allegations seriously and is considering this a case of bullying. However, they
are still investigating and will be bringing in specialists such as lawyers and
psychologists in order to help clarify inconsistencies in the stories provided
by the parties involved.
Although it was not until this year that the bullying
is said to have intensified the girl also revealed that she had been bullied in
elementary school as well for being from Fukushima. She explained that she had
been called “Miss Fukushima” (Fukushima san) in elementary school and so wished
to keep her classmates from revealing where she was from even if she had to use
money to keep them from talking
Thankfully, this case of bullying was discovered
before anybody involved got physically injured or lost their lives. However,
this story is also a reminder that even more than 5 years after the horrible
2011 earthquake its effects are still being felt in a variety of different
ways. Sadly, this not the only case of someone from Fukushima being bullied at
school. Just recently there was another widely covered story involving an
elementary school student. Fortunately, this boy did not take his life either,
even though he revealed that he did consider it. Of course, cases like these
are very much related to the ongoing bullying problem in Japan, which currently
shows no significant signs of improvement. However, thanks to the Japanese
media’s extensive coverage of this story and others like it, there is a small
chance that awareness about these problems is raised and some positive effect
is felt by not only those affected by the 2011 earthquake but also by those
suffering from bullying.
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