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L’arc-en-Ciel And Resident Evil Team Up For New Music Video

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In what is fairly common practice in Japan, the upcoming
new and final installment in the Resident Evil movie series, Resident Evil The
Final Chapter (or as it is known in Japan Biohazard The Final) will be getting
a Japanese exclusive main theme song for the Japanese dub version of the movie.
The song is being provided by the popular Japanese rock band L’arc-en-Ciel and
is entitled “Don’t be Afraid.”

The video was created specifically for the
Playstation VR and is now available on the PlayStation store. However, a
shorter promotional version has also been released and can be seen below.
Resident Evil The Final Chapter will be released on December 23rd in Japan and
January 27th in North America.

Of course, not every single western movie gets an
original song done by a major Japanese artist for their Japanese dub version.
Many times, movies will just get a Japanese language cover of the original
English language theme. This often happens with animated movies like Frozen,
which was also extremely popular in Japan. However, a more recent and more interesting
example of this phenomenon is the Japanese cover of the Ghostbusters theme
which was created for the Japanese release of the 2016 Ghostbusters film. The
music video feature 4 well-known Japanese female comedians (Naomi Watanabe,
Tomochika, Tsubaki Oniyakko, Shizuyo Yamasaki) donning the Ghostbusters garb
and trying their best to sing in an interesting mix of English and Japanese. 


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