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Bizarre Domino’s Pizzza Japan Commercial Features Rocker Chickens And Rapping PIgs In Epic Battle (Video)

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In order to promote two of its new specialty pizzas Domino’s Japan has released a bizarre video featuring an all-chicken rock band, a group of rapping pigs and a strange human-horse hybrid Domino’s employee.

Although the bulk of this video consists of an epic music battle between some pop rock chickens and hip hop pigs, it begins with a bizarre animated human-horse hybrid Domino’s employee picking up a phone to take a pizza order.


This strange creature’s name is Kentaumasu and he not only answers the phones at this Domino’s, apparently he also makes the pizzas and delivers them. In other words, he might be on his way to karoshi (death by overwork).



And just in case you were wondering, Kentaumasu’s name is a needlessly complicated play on the Japanese word for centaur (kentaurosu), the Japanese word for horse (uma) and a shortened form of the phrase umai desu, which roughly means “it’s delicious.” You can’t help but wonder how long it took someone to come up with the idea for this guy.

In any case, Kentaumasu doesn’t waste any time in making the pizzas for the phone order. Not coincidentally the phone order consisted of the two new pizzas that Domino’s is promoting. In no time at all the pizzas are done and it is at this point when we are treated to our first glimpse of the two new pizzas and the strange animated characters that represent them in the incredible rock-rap battle that is about to ensue.

The first of these is an all-chicken topping pizza called the “Quattro Kokekokko” Given that this name means “Four Cock-a-doodle-do” in English it seems likely that many people will be too embarrassed to call it by its actual name when they call to order it. It’s definitely a memorable name though.


As for the chicken rockers, each of them is supposed to be inspired by the four chicken toppings of this pizza. These toppings are  tandoori chicken, a combo of yakitori and tsukune (a type of chicken meatball), teriyaki charcoal grilled chicken, and BBQ garlic chicken.


The second of these pizzas features only pork based toppings and is called the “Quattro Popopopork.” This one gets a group of rapper pigs to represent it. Each of these four pigs, just like the rocker chickens is based on the four kinds of pork toppings the pizza has. These toppings are charcoal grilled black Kagoshima pork, smoked BBQ sauce pulled pork, black Iberian pork with a tomato sauce, and “giga meat,” which is just a combination of different pork based products like sausages and bacon.


By the way the main pig is named MC Saigo and he represents the Kagoshima black pork topping. His name and appearance are nods to Saigo Takamori, a famous and influential samurai from Satsuma, the old name for the region Kagoshima is a part of.



The two rival groups of animal musicians waste no time to sing their own praises and the rest of the video is pretty much just the two groups going back and forth singing and rapping about their respsective pizzas and the different toppings each feature.



This video culminates with a scene at the house of the person that made the phone order at the beginning of the video. It’s a scene that’s a bit reminiscent of one of those ridiculous beer commercials where everyone starts partying after cracking open a cold beer. However, here there’s no beer, just boxes of pizza.

Check out this ridiculous video for yourself below.


These two pizzas are now on sale in Japan. However, if you’d like to see how they taste, you’ll have to hurry because they will only be available until the end of August.

Source: PR Times
Image: ドミノ・ピザ | トリvsブタ ぶっとびピザバトル (Domino’s Official YouTube)

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