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Rishiri Boys: A Hokkaido Hip Hop Group With An Average Age of 82 (Video)

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This week the Hokkaido town of Rishiri released a music video for “We Are Rishiri Boys,” the debut song of Rishiri Boys, a new hip hop group whose three members have a combined age of 246 and an average age of 82.

Composed of three fishermen from Rishiri Town, which is located on an island of the same name in the Sea of Japan, this senior citizen hip hop group was formed as a way of bringing attention and excitement to their hometown.

As is common practice with pop music groups, each of these super OGs has their own nickname and unique characteristic that helps each of them stand out.

First up, we have the leader of the group, MenkoE. At 77-years-old, he’s the baby of the Rishiri Boys.

‘Baby face’ MenkoE

Next, we have the 78-year-old Ganze, who is famous for his sea urchin catching skills.

‘Never met a sea urchin he couldn’t catch’ Ganze

And lastly, coming in at an impressive 91-years-old, we have Konbuapekaccha, who is an absolute master at making oboro konbu (vinegar marinated dried grated seaweed).

‘Master of seaweed’ Konbuapekaccha

Check out the Rishiri Boys in action below.

On top of their ambitions of becoming hip hop superstars it seems that the Rishiri Boys are also trying to become fashion icons because they were scheduled to make an appearance at Hokkaido’s largest fashion show, the Sapporo Collection, which took place earlier today (Apr. 29).

So what’s next for these gangsta fishermen? The Rishri Boys website states that their goal is to appear on the prestigious NHK New Year’s Eve singing competition, Kōhaku Uta Gassen. Let’s just hope that if NHK is going to invite them, they do it this year, because… well, let’s just say, time is of the essence.

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Source: Natalie News, Rishiri Boys Official Website
Image: 【MV】ウィーアー リーシリーボーイズ /リーシリーボーイズ

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