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A Wonderful Mess: About the Japanese Writing System w. Dr. Wes Robertson | Japan Station 80

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On this episode of the Japan Station podcast, Dr. Wes Robertson stops by to talk about the wonderful mess that is the Japanese writing system.

About Dr. Wes Robertson

Wesley C. Robertson is Lecturer in International Studies at Macquarie University, Australia. His research focuses on variation and language play inherent in writing, with a focus on Japanese. He completed his PhD in Applied Japanese Linguistics at Monash University in 2016.

Topics Discussed

  • How it was that Dr. Wes Robertson became interested in the Japanese writing system
  • The quirks and inconsistencies of the Japanese writing system
  • Some of the potential reasons why katakana is sometimes used to write the speech of foreigners in manga and other forms of Japanese media
  • The phenomenon of marking the speech of foreigners with katakana
  • The practice of writing some Japanese last names in katakana rather than kanji
  • Whether it is common to use the Japanese writing system to try to phonetically recreate foreign accents
  • How Dr. Robertson got in touch with manga artists for his research
  • Whether Japanese readers actually interpret something differently depending on what writing system (kanji, hiragana, katakana) is used
  • The fascinating nature of the Japanese writing system
  • About sociolinguistics
  • About the¬†Lingua Brutalica¬†podcast
  • About the peculiar script usage of the Japanese metal band Gotsu Totsu Kotsu
  • And much more!

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