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Oh Crap! Poop “Museum” Set to Open Soon in Japan

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For lovers of cute poops and silly poop puns.

Japan has never been known to shy away from quirky and wacky attractions, but Yokohama’s newest offering may just take the cake. This March, the country’s second largest city will open a new museum devoted entirely to poop, or as it is known in Japanese unko.

Called the Unko Museum, this new limited-time attraction will be filled with all kinds of adorable Japanese poops, including the museum’s anthropomorphic poop mascot, Unberto (yes, that’s a Japanese poop pun). Visitors to the Unko Museum will get to experience a total of four poo-themed areas, each of these with its own unique interactive exhibits.

A look at Yokohama’s Unko Museum

In the first area, called Unko Hiroba (Poop Plaza), guests will be able to witness a large poop “volcano” erupt and spew out cute unko.

Unko Hiroba features a poop volcano

In the second area, dubbed the Unteractive Area (yes, that’s another unko pun), guests will be able to play with poops by doing things like stepping on them.

The Unteractive Area at Unko Museum Yokohama

The Unstagenic Area consists of an elaborate set that’s designed with Instagrammers in mind. Visitors will be encouraged to snap a picture of themselves surrounded by colorful blobs of poop, before posting it up on their favourite photo sharing app to impress (or maybe confuse) their friends.

The Unstagenic Area at Unko Museum Yokohama

Finally, there’s the Untelligence Area (yep, another unko pun) which will focus on the history of poop and feature poop artwork from around the world.

The Untelligence Area at the Unko Museum Yokohama

The Unko Museum opens March 15 – coinciding with the ever-popular sakura season. So if you fancy a little poop with your cherry blossoms, head on over!

At the moment the Unko Museum is only slated to remain open until July 15. However, it it turns out to be popular, the museum may end up sticking around, not unlike one of those poops that refuses to get flushed.

Unko Museum (うんこミュージアム) Location Information

Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Nishi-ku, Takashima 2-14-9, Asobuild 2nd floor
神奈川県横浜市西区高島2丁目14−9 アソビル2F ALE-BOX内

Mon-Thurs: 11 am – 8 pm
Fri-Sun & Public Holidays: 10 am – 9 pm

Adults: 1,600 JPY
Children (elementary school):  900 JPY
Under Elementary School Age: Free

For more information
Official Unko Museum Yokohama Website
Official Unko Museum Yokohama Twitter

Note about Tickets
Like Tokyo’s popular Studio Ghibli museum Unko Museum Yokohama will have guests buy their tickets in advance. Each ticket will be for a specific block of time. Though tickets can be bought on the day of your visit, if the museum is full that day, then you will not be allowed entry. Because of this Unko Museum Yokohama asks people hoping to visit them to buy their tickets ahead of time via this website. Unfortunately, the site is completely in Japanese.

Source: PR Times via SoraNews24
Images: PR Times

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