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Former Biker Open Shrine Dedicated to Motorcycles in Kagawa

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Become a holy rider.

Shinto shrines can be found all over Japan and although most are dedicated to fairly universal things like good health, studies, and finding a romantic partner, others specialize in far more niche things. Take the case of a relatively new shrine located in the town of Miki (Miki-chō) in Kagawa Prefecture which is dedicated to keeping motorcyclists safe.

Sanuki Waraku Motorcycle Shrine (Sanuki Waraku Ōtobai Jinja), was founded by a motorcyclist-turned-Shinto priest named Katsuhisa Mino in June of 2017. Now 75 years old, Mino was an avid motorcyclist for over half of his life: from age 20 to 60. However, an accident forced him to quit his beloved hobby.

Rather than letting the accident get him down, though, Mino decided to do something for those riders who were still on the road and this would eventually result in the creation of his motorcycle shrine. “All I want is for riders to not get injured or get into accidents. That’s it,” said Mino during an interview for a Kagawa television report.

Katsuhisa Mino, founder and priest of Sanuki Waraku Motorcycle Shrine

Though small, the shrine is one hundred percent legitimate since Mino went through the process of becoming certified as a Shinto priest in order to open it. Interestingly, this is not the first such shrine in Japan either. There are actually two others, one in Shimane and another in Hiroshima Prefectures.

Priest Mino performing an oharai purification on a motorcycle

Bikers who visit the shrine can have Mino perform an authentic “oharai” purification ceremony for their motorcycle. The idea behind this ritual is that it will help keep riders safe. Following the ritual, the owners of the bike are even treated to a free vitamin drink. And, of course, Mino also sells ema prayer plaques, motorcycle-themed omamori protection amulets and other traffic safety goods.

After the ceremony you even get a vitamin drink!

The shrine is located near the Miki interchange along the Takamatsu Expresswa adjacent to a cafe-style eatery called Waraku which is also owned by Mino. This cafe was actually already fairly well-known in the area before the shrine due to offering a wide selection of delicious and affordable menu items, such as black somen, which are noodles made from black rice flour.

Black somen!

While Mino’s little shrine will never overshadow Kagawa’s most famous Shrine, Kotohira, it’s definitely a nice place for hungry bikers to stop by as they explore the beauty of Kagawa and the rest of the island of Shikoku.

Sanuki Waraku Motorcycle Shrine (讃岐輪楽オートバイ神社) Location Info

2372-4 Inoue, Miki-chō
Kita-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, 〒761-0705

Telephone: 090-3188-9740

Source: KSB via Yahoo News Japan, Official Sanuki Waraku Motorcycle Shrine website
Images: 神官は元ライダーのオートバイ神社 交通安全祈願で愛車のおはらいも 香川・三木町 (KSB)

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