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Jesus? Emerges From Pac-Man? In Totally Perplexing J-Rock Music Video [Video]

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If you like to be confused, then this is the video for you.

Pac-Man is one of the most recognizable icons of classic arcade video gaming. However, if you go by a new Japanese music video it seems that aside from being the beloved yellow dot-gobbler that has entertained gamers for decades, Pac-Man may also be the origin of all life.

This peculiar music video, which was released late last month (Mar. 24), by an alternative rock band from Sapporo called Nango (喃語) was produced for “Boshi to tomo ni Kenko” (Mother and Child are Healthy), the lead track from the group’s second mini-album Hanashisetsu (Chronicle), released March 28 via SoundCloud.

The video is completely animated and done in a very simple style using nothing but white lines on black backgrounds. It opens up with a mysterious circle falling from what seems to be the sky or outer space and then going into the mouth of what looks to be none other than Pac-Man. This then sparks a transformation which results in what appears to be a poorly drawn Jesus Christ on the cross and from this line-drawing Jesus come the strange wriggling, constantly walking creatures the video follows for much of its duration.

As for the song, well, that’s not exactly accessible either. It features lyrics that seem to be rather nonsensical and the song is often repetitive to the point of being somewhat trance-inducing.

Is this video pure nonsense? Or extremely deep? Decide for yourself by watching it below.

In case you’re wondering who is responsible for the weird visuals of Nango’s video, that would be incoranger, who is a member of the media production team Jinzai Nanburg. If you’d like to see even more of Jinzai Nanburg’s work, then check out the video below. It feature NES-inspired visuals and an opera song about the dangers of drugs. Enjoy.

Source: Natalie News
Images: 喃語 – 母子ともに健康(MV) (Tamuro)

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