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Fundoshi Man Teaches You 6 Creative (And Funny) Ways To Take Off Your Sexy Japanese Underwear (Video)

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Get ready to say goodbye to your underwear, and hello to fundoshi.

Until the end of World War II the preferred undergarment of Japanese men was neither boxers nor briefs, it was that traditional form of Japanese underwear that looks like a cross between a little apron and a thong, the fundoshi. Although it might be hard to imagine, pretty much every man of every social class used to wear this traditional undergarment. However, after the war, Japanese men began to don Western style underwear and eventually the fundoshi became what it is today, something you almost exclusively see in samurai movies and festivals.

As a result of the fundoshi‘s lack of popularity, over the past several years there has been a push to revive this sexy form of Japanese underwear. This ongoing push to make fundoshi something that people (both men and women) not only appreciate but also use, has resulted in a number of interesting events and ideas. The video below is an example of one of the more memorable ideas that a pro-fundoshi organization has come up with.

6 ways to take off a fundoshi

The video below stars a “Fundoshiman” (as you will see later in the article, there are plenty of other “Fundoshimen”). In the video this Fundoshiman teaches viewers six fascinating and pretty hilarious ways to take off your fundoshi. They are all lightning fast and quite creative. Here’s a list of the six methods he introduces in the video.

1. How to take off your fundoshi like a “gentleman”
This one isn’t too hard. Very classy too. Something you might want to try on a first date.

2. How to take off your fundoshi like you’re drawing a katana from its sheath
This one is a little harder but if you do it correctly you’ll feel like a true samurai.

3. How to take off your fundoshi as if you are parting ways with someone but you refuse to say goodbye to them (possibly because it would be too painful to do so?)
This is a very high concept one. Perhaps around an intermediate level of difficulty.

4. How to take off your fundoshi shoryuken style
If you love playing Street Fighter then this is the one you’ll want to master. Again, perhaps an upper intermediate difficulty level.

5. How to take off your fundoshi as if you are searching for your cell phone

This one looks a bit more like you’re throwing your cell phone to the floor in anger. Still easier than the last one, so let’s say intermediate difficulty.

6. How to take off your fundoshi in style
This one involves a stylish jacket and is definitely the most advanced one. You may want to master some of the other ones before you attempt this one.

So put on your fundoshi and check out the video below. Just be warned, you’re about to see some serious man butt.

What is Fundoshibu?

The video above was created by the Fundoshibu Corporation (Kabushikigaisha Funodshibu), an interesting organization dedicated to, and this is a direct quote, “changing the world through fundoshi.” Fundoshibu was founded by Yuzo Hoshino, a personal trainer and graduate of the Tokyo University Muscular Physiology program who decided to dedicate himself to promoting fundoshi after spending a year learning about the clothing industry in Itally and realizing the wonder and potential of his beloved fundoshi.

Fundoshibu does all sorts of things which are in some way related to fundoshi. One of these many things is working with businesses in order to promote a product or service. The video below is one of the more interesting examples of this.

The video below was made as a way to promote a hair removal clinic. It shows a group of attractive young hairless (they do have head hair though) girls wearing nothing more than some sexy fundoshi bikinis and dancing on the beach to AKB48’s hit song “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” (Midsummer Sounds Good!).

Fundoshibu also organizes fundoshi related events, such as the one featured in the video below, which took place on February 14. Why Valentine’s Day? Because February 14 also happens to be (thanks to a silly pun) “Fundoshi Day.” The video shows some Fundoshimen competing to see who can take off their fundoshi the fastest.

And of course, Fundoshibu also sells their own fundoshi on their website. They tend to cost around 20 USD or a bit more and come in all sorts of styles, colors and patterns. Also, they seem to be quite popular since many of the designs on sale are currently sold out. Check out their store here.

Fundoshibu is always trying to come up with interesting ways to promote the fundoshi, so if you’re interested in keeping up with all their fundoshi-related antics, you may want to check out their YouTube channel ,or if you can read Japanese, you may also want to check out their official website here.

If you made it this far in the article, then it’s clear you love fundoshi too, so here’s a little reward for you. Enjoy these two almost naked Fundoshimen having a delightful time on a seesaw. Long live the fundoshi!

Source: Kabushikigaisha Fundoshibu, Official Fundoshibu Website
Image: ふんどしの上手な脱ぎ方 How to put off Fundoshi-Japanese traditional underwear(series) (Kabushikigaisha Fundoshibu)

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