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Pikachu, I Choose You… To Deflate And Get Kidnapped By Scary Men At A Korean Pokémon Festival (Video)

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Children, avert your eyes!

A video of a bizarre, yet hilarious mishap involving a deflating dancing Pikachu getting whisked off stage in the middle of a performance at a Pokémon festival held in Korea has gone viral.

Serving as both a celebration of the popular Pokémon franchise and a grand opening event for a new outdoor mall called Triple Street in Incheon, South Korea, the Pokémon World Festival 2017 began at the end of last month and  features all sorts of interesting Pokémon related things for people to do and see, including an adorable live-action dance show starring a little over a dozen people in inflatable Pikachu costumes. However, it was at one of the very fist few public performances of this cute dance show where something went horribly wrong.

Following the completion of a dance number set to “Uptown Funk” the Pikachu dance troupe begins another number, this time set to “You Can’t Stop The Beat,” a song from the musical Hairspray. This routine seems to be going just as well as their previous one, when all of a sudden, the lead Pikachu starts to show some signs of distress. It tries its best to keep dancing but its costume is collapsing all around the person inside. That’s when a group of scary looking suit wearing men rush over to the Pikachu and very quickly take it away. Meanwhile, the rest of the Pikachu dancers, knowing that the show must go on no matter what, finish their show without missing a beat.

See this ridiculous incident for yourself in the video below.

So who are the men behind this scene that seems like it could have come out of a Pokémon version of Taken? According to translations of the Korean video below, the first man that rushes over to the dying Pikachu is an event staff member. The staff member’s actions cause a security guard to rush over too, since he at first doesn’t realize that the first man is staff. A second security guard then runs over in order to inform the first security guard that the first man is staff. And amidst all this confusion the Pikachu just keep on dancing.

If you’d like to see this incident from a different angle, then watch the video below.

No word on how many kids were traumatized after watching their favorite Pokémon get dragged away like a streaker at a sports event.

Source: livedoor News, NPR, Sig Flips The Table
Image: 포켓몬 월드페스티벌 2017 in 송도 피카츄 댄스

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