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Breakdancers Get Naked (Again) And Dance To Theme Of Lupin The Third (Video)

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These guys must get along really well…

Following the success of the naked breakdancing video they released last month, the members of the Japanese dance group GOODmen have just released another naked dance video and this time the song they are dancing to is one of the most famous anime theme songs ever.

In this new video the GOODmen are dancing to the iconic theme of the classic anime Lupin the Third, a choice which on first glance seems random. However, when you dig a little deeper you realize that this song is actually a very clever choice that fits very well with the law enforcement theme established by the previous video and the comedy routine that video was inspired by.

GOODmen do Akira 100% (Original)

The first video was created as an homage to a comedy routine performed by Japanese comedian Akira 100% in which he plays a nudist detective who covers his ‘sensitive areas’ with a metal tray. As part of this routine Akira 100% often uses the main theme to the Odoru daisousasen (踊る大捜査線,) Japanese police drama/comedy series. It is this song, called “RHYTHEM AND POLICE,’ that the GOODmen dance to in their first video and it also seems to be one of the factors that led them to choose the theme of an anime about a master thief who is constantly being chased by police as the song to use in this sequel video.

ust like last time, these talented breakdancers rely solely on extremely precise choreography and well-placed metal trays to keep this silly dance routine from turning into a misdemeanor.

Check out the video below.

If you’d like to check out the GOODmen’s first naked dance number, check out the article below.

Breakdancers Use Trays To Pull Off Impressive Naked Dance Routine (Video)

Source: GOODmen
Image: 【ISOPP/イソップ•ブレイクダンス】アキラ100パーセント踊ってみたパート2【GOODmen】

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