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5 Easy And Totally Ridiculous Ways To Increase Your Bust Size! Satisfaction Not Guaranteed (Video)

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Image source: Ryoko no Ikunyu YouTube

Ikunyū (育乳) is one of those peculiar Japanese words that just doesn’t have an exact English equivalent. Much like the two kanji characters that make up this word imply (育=grow/raise, 乳=breasts), this word is used to refer to non-surgical breast enlargement techniques, such as massages and exercises. The list below is composed of five totally safe for work ikunyū massage videos. However, you won’t want to take these videos too seriously since they were produced by the Japanese comedy YouTube channel Tokyo Warehouse (Tōkyō Sōko) and not medical professionals or anybody actually qualified to talk about this subject.

Ryoko no Ikunyū (Ryoko’s Ikunyū) is a 124-part comedy YouTube series that began in February of 2014 and ended in October of 2016. The star of these fake tutorial videos is Ryoko, a woman whose mission it is to increase her own bust size, while at the same time teaching women about all the different ways they can implement ikunyū into their daily lives. In the videos Ryoko offers up all sorts of absolutely ridiculous tips that really don’t seem like they would work. They are however, good for a laugh. Check ou the list below.

5. Ikunyū while using a vending machine

With ikunyū every second counts. Just because you’re buying yourself a drink from a vending machine that doesn’t mean you can’t also do some ikunyū massage at the same time.

4. Ikunyū while you’re walking around town

Whether you’re walking to the store or work or wherever, you can still do  ikunyū!

3. Ikunyū while cleaning

Cleaning is something we all have to do so why not do some ikunyū while you do it?

2. Ikunyū while vacuuming

What Ryoko recommends here is that you get someone else to vacuum your chest. This is because it can be quite difficult to do it properly by yourself. In the video, Ryoko acts out a (totally believable) scenario in which she runs into someone who happens to be vacuuming and then politely asks the person to vacuum her breasts.

1. Ikunyū while playing rock paper scissors (jan ken)

Next time you play rock paper scissors, be sure to do this little song and dance and you’ll be one step closer to larger, fuller breasts.

In the last episode of this series, Ryoko assesses how effective her more than two and a half years of
ikunyū have been by measuring her bust and comparing this measurement to the one she obtained when she did the same during the first episode. The result? Her bust size went up by a whopping 2.1 cm (0.8 in.). It went from measuring 73.4 cm (28.9 in.) in February of 2014, to 75.5 cm (29.7 in.) in October of 2016. Obviously, this means that Ryoko’s ikunyū techniques were a total success and not that she just gained a little weight.

If you’d like to see even more of Ryoko and her crazy ikunyū techniques, then click here to see a complete list of the entire 124 videos from the main series, plus an additional 34 ikunyū themed videos.

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