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Yasutaka Nakata Song Used In Interesting “Bread Noodle” Commercial

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The Japanese snack company Baby Star has just unveiled an interesting new commercial for their new snack, Pan Men (Bread Noodles).

The commercial features singer/model Natsume Mito and Baby Star’s new mascot character, Hoshio-kun, dancing to Mito’s new song “Hanabira” (Flower Petal). “Hanabira” was composed by famed music producer and DJ Yasutaka Nakata and will go on sale February 22.

In the video Mito and Hoshio-kun can be seen doing a peculiar dance, which is called the “Raises your spirits just a little dance” (kibun choi age dansu). The dance was created by choreographer and dancer, FISHBOY.

Check out the commercial below.

Hoshio-kun, whose name was one of 47,500 different names suggested by people across Japan, was announced as Baby Star’s new mascot at a press event on January 31. The event also served as a retirement ceremony for the company’s second mascot, Bei-chan. At the event Bei-chan was thanked for 30 years of service and given a bouquet of flowers. After walking off stage Bei-chan was rushed into a black van and never seen again. That last part isn’t true… probably.

Natsume Mito and FISHBOY also made an appearance at the event where they debuted the new song and dance. All of this can be seen in the roughly 8 and a half minute video below.


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