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The 5 Most Popular Japanese Tourist Sites (According To Social Media)

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Did you visit Japan last summer? If you did and you talked about your trip on your social media accounts, then your posts may have been used as data for a new study that attempts to determine which Japanese tourist sites people visiting Japan are talking about the most on social media.

The new study was conducted by Nightley Inc. and RJC Research, and is based on data obtained from the social media accounts of people visiting Japan between July and September of last year.

So, if you’re not overly creeped out at the thought of Japanese companies keeping tabs on you while you’re on vacation, check out the list below.

5. Tokyo Tower (1,050 mentions)

Built in 1958, Tokyo Tower is perhaps one of Tokyo’s most iconic tourist attractions. Although it may not be the tallest tower in Tokyo anymore, it definitely seems like people still love taking pictures of this historic tower.

4. Osaka Castle (1,060 mentions)

Although a little surprising since this isn’t a Tokyo location, it actually makes a lot of sense when you consider that many castles are located in somewhat out-of-the-way places. Osaka Castle is minutes away from the city center of Osaka and probably on the must-visit lists of most people that make it out to Western Japan

3. Mount Fuji (1,333 mentions)

The only thing surprising about this entry is that it didn’t rank higher. Whether you see it off in the distance or up close, it’s hard to resist taking a picture of this famous Japanese mountain. And if you actually try to climb it, then that’s at the very least worth a tweet. You may have to wait until you get back down though, since the Wi-Fi connection at the top is probably not all that great.

2. Universal Studios Japan (2,093 mentions)

This one was a bit unexpected. Especially since Universal Studios Japan is located in Osaka. However, if you keep in mind that people at theme parks tend to take a lot of pictures then it actually isn’t all that strange. Plus, they have Harry Potter so he probably used his magic to get people to talk about “USJ” on social media.

1. Tokyo Disneyland (2,156 mentions)

Given the number 2 on this list, this entry is not all that surprising. what is surprising is that a more “Japanese” place like the Shibuya crosswalk or  the Tokyo Sky Tree didn’t top off this list. But, then again, it’s Mickey and people love taking pictures of Mickey.

So there you have it. The five places you’ll either want to check out or avoid at all costs during your trip to Japan. Hope you enjoyed it.

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