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Train Mishap Results In Conductor Having To Take Taxi To Catch Up With His Own Train

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If you’ve been to Japan, then you’ve undoubtedly seen a Japanese train conductor. Not to be confused with the train driver who can be seen at the front of the train operating it, conductors are the uniformed individuals who ride at the very rear of the train and watch over the safety of passengers. At stops, conductors can often be seen disembarking from the train, keeping a close eye on everything happening on the platform and then jumping back on the train just before it departs to its next destination. Typically, this very important process goes off without a hitch. However, this wasn’t the case for an unlucky train conductor who last week got left behind by his own train after getting off to attend to a problem passenger on the platform.

According to the All Nippon News Network, this amusing train mishap occurred on March 24 at a little after 9 p.m. at the Kaminoyama-onsen Station on the JR Ou Main Line in Yamagata Prefecture. It was at this time when a local train headed in the direction of Aomori departed the station leaving behind an individual who apparently really wanted to board that train because he tried to get on it after it was already in motion.

Noticing the unruly individual who was trying to board his train, the conductor pulled the emergency brake. This stopped the train and opened its doors. With the train no longer in motion, the conductor went to attend to the reckless passenger. However, after an unspecified amount of time, the train doors closed. Taking this as his cue that the conductor was back on board, the impatient train driver took off without ever confirming where his conductor was.

Meanwhile, at Kaminoyama-onsen Station, the stranded conductor decided to take a taxi to catch up with his train at the next stop: Mokichi Kinenkan Station.

Thankfully, the impatient driver managed to calm himself down and wait the 23-minutes for his conductor to catch up with him.

No word yet on how incredibly awkward the conversation between the stranded conductor and the careless driver must have been after they met up once again at the next stop.

Source: ANN News
Image: 車掌を残し発車? 運転士が列車に戻ったと勘違い(18/03/26) ANN News

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