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Banzai Babe Ruth: Discussing Japanese Baseball History w. Robert Fitts | Japan Station 92

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On this episode of the Japan Station podcast, we’re joined by baseball historian and expert on all things Japanese baseball Robert Fits.

About Robert Fitts

Robert Fitts is a baseball historian and expert ont he history of Japanese baseball. He has written numerous books on Japanese baseball including Banzai Babe Ruth: Baseball, Espionage, and Assissination During the 1934 Tour of Japan.

Topics Discussed

  • How Robert Fitts got interested in baseball
  • How Robert Fitts became interested in Japanese baseball
  • Robert Fitts’ first trip to Japan and first experience at a Japanese baseball game
  • About Remembering Japanese Baseball, Robert Fitts’ first book on Japanese baseball
  • About selling Japanese baseball cards on ebay in 1999
  • About Wally Yonamine
  • About the book Banzai Babe Ruth
  • About Babe Ruth’s 1934 18 game Japan tour and the history behind it
  • About Moe Berg and the possibility that he was conducting espoionage during Babe Ruth’s Japan tour
  • About Babe Ruth’s popularity in Japan
  • About Babe Ruth’s affinity for Japan
  • About the history of Japanese baseball cards
  • About the book An Illustrated Introduction to Japanese Baseball Cards
  • About the baseball card market in Japan
  • About the Japanese pitcher Eiji Sawamura
  • About the upcoming book The Pioneers of Japanese American Baseball
  • And much more!

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Special Thanks

Opening/Closing song: Oedo Controller (大江戸コントローラー) by Yunomi featuring Toriena (Used with permission from Yunomi) To listen to more of Yunomi’s music, check out his Soundcloud page or YouTube channel.

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