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Domohorn Nyankle: Because Cats Need Anti-Wrinkle Cream Too (Video)

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I hate my wrinkles…
Image source: Domohorn Wrinkle YouTube

As of April 1st, you can now buy Domohorn Nyankle (English name Domohorn Meowkle), a version of the very popular Japanese anti-wrinkle cream Domohorn Wrinkle designed specifically for your feline friends.

Domohorn Wrinkle has been helping people fight the effects of aging on their skin for more than 40 years. Their line of anti-wrinkle products are held in quite high regard due in part to their use of natural ingredients, many of which are used in Chinese medicine. Domohorn Wrinkle’s new line of feline anti-wrinkle creams draws on the company’s decades of research, while at the same time adapting its formula so that it can help cats who would like to rejuvenate their skin and fur.

In order to promote their new product, which was released on April 1st, the people at Domohorn Wrinkle, released an ad via their official YouTube channel, in which they share some information on the thinking behind this product, its development and a customer testimonial. Check it out below and if you’d like to see a full translation of the video just keep scrolling after you’re done watching it.

The video begins with a slightly lengthy but almost moving introduction by the narrator, which is directed at cats who are
worried about their aging skin.

This is information on a ground-breaking new product for you, cats.
the drooping skin around my eyes has begun to bother me. I lick it and I
lick it but its bounce and shine just won’t come back. In order to address
these skin problems, which are caused by age, we have
created Domohorn Nyankle.
It has been 43 years since we started
researching the effects of age on skin. We would like to share our knowledge on how to deal with aging skin and the joy that has come
from that work with you, cats. We want you, cats, to feel joy as well. It is
from that desire, that Domohorn Nyankle was born.

Lead developer of Domohorn Nyankle
Image source: Domohorn Wrinkle YouTube

After this opening sequence, the video cuts to a brief interview with the lead developer of Domohorn Nyankle (pictured above). In this segment she shares her thoughts on this revolutionary product.

What we strove for with Domohorn Nyankle is to make the skin restore itself by using the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine. Cats have fur, so that’s the big difference [between humans and cats] but the basic skin composition is essentially the same for both, As one would expect, the main focus should be not to address each problem on an individual basis, but rather to help the skin reach a point where these problems don’t occur in the first place.

Happy cat owner
Image source: Domohorn Wrinkle YouTube

Following this brief interview, we get a testimonial from the owner of a cat that used this treatment to help combat the effects of aging on its kitty skin.

It was so good. The bounce in my cat’s skin has returned and its fur’s shine has improved so much. Since using it my cat has been rejuvenated.

3-day trial kit
Image source: Domohorn Wrinkle YouTube

After the testimonial, the narrator comes back to close things off and give you the information you need so you can get your free 3-day trial kit.

It increases the natural power of a cat’s skin to restore itself. It brings back to life that bounce and shine of long ago. Domohorn Nyankle, the product like no other, which is specifically for aging cats. First, apply for a 3-day trial kit.

And of course, a phone number is provided at the end. However, even though the same phone number jingle that is used in the regular Domohorn Wrinkle commercials is used, the phone number has been changed. Instead of numbers, viewers are provided with nyas (meows). That certainly seems like a strange thing to do for a company that presumably, wants to provide accurate contact information in order to make money off of their new product. Unless… yes, this is yet another wacky April Fools’ Day stunt by a Japanese company. Sorry elderly kitties, looks like you’ll just have to live with your wrinkles for now.

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