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Haneda Airport Set To Begin Robot Smartphone Tour Guide Service (Video)

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Image source: ANN News

As of April 25th, 2017, visitors to Japan will be able to rent a robot smartphone assistant called RoboHon, to serve as their personal, portable travel guide during their stay in Japan.

Released in May of last year with a price tag of 198,000 JPY (US$1,784), RoboHon is an adorable robot smartphone developed by Japanese electronics maker Sharp. In addition to all the standard features you would expect to see in any Android smartphone, RoboHon can also walk, talk, and move its arms. The short video below shows off RoboHon’s unique features.

Starting next month (Apr. 25), Haneda Airport will begin offering a RoboHon tour guide rental service. Unlike previous RoboHon models, these will be able to understand and speak both English and Chinese. These portable robot assistants will be able to use GPS in order to identify where it is and then tell the person carrying it all about the location they are visiting.

In contrast to the price tag of a new RoboHon, this service is quite affordable. You can rent RoboHon for 24 hours for only 1,500 JPY (US$13.50). It costs 3,000 JPY for 48 hours, 4,000 JPY for 72 hours and 500 JPY for every 12 hours after that.

Currently, this tour guide service only covers Tokyo and Kanazawa. However, there are plans to extend coverage into other areas. There are also plans to offer a Japanese language version of this service.

If you’d like to rent one of these little robotic tour guides, you’ll want to head over to the Global Wifi Haneda Counter in Haneda Airport.

The video below is an ANN News report that shows some English speaking tourists trying out this new service. The video gives you an idea of the kinds of things RoboHon might tell you if you were to rent him during your next visit to Japan.

Update: For a video of RoboHon in action, click here.

Sources: ANN News, ITmedia, Robot Start

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