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Rock Paper Scissors Water Chugging Game In Beef Bowl Shop Gets 2 Men Arrested (Video)

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One of the suspects being escorted by police
Image Source: Nippon News Network

Two men in Chiba, Japan were arrested earlier this week after one of the men allegedly uploaded a video to his Twitter account that showed the two suspects in a beef and rice bowl restaurant (gy┼źdon) engaging in a game of rock-paper-scissors that caused one of the men to throw up into a water pitcher that belonged to the restaurant.

According to police, on January 3 of this year, the two suspects, Kento Yoshitane and Genta Kurokawa, both 20-years-old, interfered with the business of a beef and rice bowl shop located in the Chiba city of Funabashi when from about 6:20 a.m. until about 7:30 a.m., they engaged in a rock-paper-scissors game that required the winner of each round to chug water.

This water chugging game reportedly caused one man to throw up into a plastic bag that he had in his possession. Additionally, one of the men, it has not been revealed if it was the same man, threw up into one of the restaurant’s water pitchers.

After the suspects left, the shop reportedly had to shut down for about an hour in order to clean and disinfect the items that had been contaminated by the two men.

A video showing the events described above was uploaded to the Twitter account of one of the suspects on January 22. The suspect also reportedly had another similar video that had been filmed at a different beef and rice bowl shop already posted on his Twitter account.

Excite News reports that the uploaded video caused many people on Twitter to criticize the actions of the two men. Although it is not explicitly stated in reports, it seems likely that this video is what eventually led to the arrest of the two men.

As of February 28 police had arrested both suspects. They are currently facing charges of having forcibly interfered with the ability of the restaurant to conduct business. The suspects have both admitted to these accusations. Yoshitane was quoted by police as saying “Our fooling around went too far and we didn’t at all consider that our actions could cause trouble to the shop.”

Although the original video that was uploaded to Twitter has been taken down, TomoNews Japan has recreated the events described above in the video below.


Sources: Excite News, Sankei News, TomoNews Japan, Toyo Keizai Online

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