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Supermarket Clerk Makes Crab Levitate

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A video which was uploaded to YouTube on December 18th has
gotten people wondering where they have to go in order to see a unique crab
based supermarket magic show.

The video features a young male supermarket worker in what
appears to be the fresh fish section of a supermarket doing magician-like hand
movements in order to make a crab levitate. The video can be seen below.

Although many people believed that this video was real and that there really
was a supermarket giving free magic shows, in reality this was a “joke” video
put out by Tottaori Prefecture as a way of promoting crab. Tottori Prefecture
is the largest producer of crab in Japan and many people go each year to
Tottori specifically to eat crab.

Hironobu Tanaka, an employee of the company
that produced the video, told J-Cast News that even though the young man in the
video is actually a magician there are no supermarkets offering crab magic

Tottori should probably just go ahead and make a real crab magic show. There
definitely seems to be a demand for it. Of course, there would be plenty of
crab levitation but there could also be crab card tricks and crabs getting
pulled out of hats. And the big finale would be a crab getting sawed in half.
Except after it gets sawed in half it wouldn’t get put back together. The
spectators would just get to eat it. Great idea, right? And the magician’s name
would obviously have to be David Crabberfield. Tottori, I give you permission
to take this idea. Just make sure to contact Japankyo so we can do an exclusive
report on the world’s first magic show revolving around crab.

Source: J-Cast News

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