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J-YouTuber Uses 23 Umbrellas To Create Ridiculous Rainproof Bicycle (Video)

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A totally impractical way to stay dry while on your bike

Don’t you hate it when you’re riding your bicycle around town and it starts to rain? Even if you happen to have an umbrella on you it doesn’t really do you much good since not only can it be hard to steer while you’re holding an umbrella with one hand, once you build up any speed at all you just end up getting wet anyway. So what can you do to stay dry and still get to where you need to get to on time? Sure, you could just put on a water-repellent poncho, or you could do what the popular Japanese YouTuber Megwin did and attach 23 umbrellas to your bicycle.

Released earlier this month just in time for Japan’s rainy season, which is called tsuyu (梅雨) and lasts from about early June to mid-July, this video features Megwin and his crew using 23 of those ubiquitous clear plastic Japanese umbrellas to create a bicycle with a see-through umbrella bubble.

The video begins in typical Megwin fashion with a silly intro in which Megwin announces that they will create the “ultimate bicycle” for the rainy season.

After the intro Megwin and his crew get to work on creating this impractical contraption.

Once completed Megwin takes the bike for a ride and even though it’s rather slow and seems to be hard to handle, it manages to keep Megwin dry even as he gets sprayed with water.

The video ends with Megwin falling over and getting sprayed in the butt with a water hose. This results in a whole lot of yelling from Megwin and a declaration that he doesn’t need a “bidet.”

Check out this ridiculous video below.

Source: Megwin TV
Image: 【傘23本】大量の傘で梅雨に乗れるチャリ作ってみた【パーフェクトアンブレラ】

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