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I Walked From Kyoto to Tokyo… Despite Being Legally Blind | Japan Station 115

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On this episode of Japan Station, I talk about my experience walking 500 km from Kyoto to Tokyo in September-October 2023. Check it out to learn about the Tokaido Challenge (a.k.a. the craziest adventure I’ve ever had in Japan).

Topics Discussed

  • What the Tōkaidō Challenge is
  • What the Tōkaidō road is
  • The many different Tōkaidō raods that exist
  • When I started walking
  • How long it took to walk from Kyoto to Tokyo
  • The difficulties I had to face while walking the Tōkaidō
  • The parts of the Tōkaidō I had to omit
  • The difficult areas of the Tōkaidō road
  • About the Hakone area of the Tōkaidō road (Kyū Tōkaidō/Kyūkaidō)
  • About getting lost
  • About the 53 stations/post towns of the Tōkaidō
  • About the famous series of woodblock prints depicting the 53 stations of the Tōkaidō
  • The usual amount I would walk on any given day while walking from Kyoto to Tokyo
  • About getting lost in the middle of some rice fields in rural Japan
  • About walking through a tunnel in Kyoto
  • About getting stopped by police in Japan
  • About falling down in Mishima
  • How helpful people were
  • About the excellent customer service I experienced
  • What I ate during my walk from Kyoto to Tokyo
  • Where I stayed/slept while walking from Kyoto to Tokyo
  • About the difficulties of trying to find food on my own
  • About the weather
  • About the arriving in Nihonbashi in Tokyo
  • About the party I held at Pintology Tokyo
  • About meeting Kuro
  • About the coastline between Shizuoka City and Yaizu
  • Why I do what I do
  • And much more

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