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Maiko Masquerade: Crafting Geisha Girlhood in Japan (Dr. Jan Bardsley) | Japan Station 65

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On this episode of the Japan Station podcast, Dr. Jan Bardsley talks about the fascinating world of Japan’s maiko and geisha.

About  Dr. Jan Bardsley

Dr. Jan Bardsley is¬†Professor Emerita of Asian Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is the author of Women and Democracy in Cold War Japan¬†and the award-winning¬†The Bluestockings of Japan: New Woman Essays and Fiction from Seito, 1911‚Äď1916. Her latest book is¬†Maiko Masquerade: Creating Geisha Girlhood in Japan.

Topics Discussed

  • What a maiko is
  • The difference between a maiko and a geiko/geisha
  • The life of a maiko
  • What maiko and geiko/geisha do
  • The striking appearance of a maiko
  • Transitioning from a maiko to a geiko
  • The responsibilities of a geiko
  • The elaborate hairstyle of the maiko
  • The motivations of some girls who chose to become maiko
  • The famed dance productions performed by Kyoto’s geiko and maiko
  • The Miyako Odori
  • Marriage as it pertains to geiko
  • How the maiko and geisha’s connection to sexual labor has changed with the passing of time
  • The maiko as a mascot of Japan and Kyoto
  • The¬†danna¬†(patron)
  • The financial burden of supporting geiko
  • The Kyoto Traditional Music Foundation
  • Eirakuya’s tenugui (hand towel) that depict maiko playing sports
  • The Kyoto International Manga Museum’s maiko illustration exhibit
  • Whether foreigners can become maiko
  • Learning to become “Japanese”
  • And much more!

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Special Thanks

Opening/Closing song: Oedo Controller (Ś§ßśĪüśął„ā≥„É≥„Éą„É≠„Éľ„É©„Éľ) by Yunomi featuring Toriena (Used with permission from Yunomi) To listen to more of Yunomi’s music, check out his Soundcloud page or YouTube channel.

Japan Station cover art: Provided by Erik R.

Featured image: Courtesy of Dr. Katarzyna Cwiertka

Featured image: Courtesy of Jan Bardsley

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