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Gravure Idol Erina Kamiya Shows Off Her Summer Swimsuits + More Akira 100% Naked Comedy Antics [Video]

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Welcome swimsuit aficionado.

The official start of summer is just around the corner in Japan and judging by her latest video it appears that gravure idol, Kamen Joshi member, and YouTuber Erina Kamiya is totally ready to spend some quality time at the beach.

In one of her most recent videos, which was released Friday, Kamiya shows off three of the swimsuits that she has selected for summer 2018.

The first she shows off is a fairly standard pink two-piece, which she says offers great bust support thanks to its underwire.

The second one she shows off is a white two-piece with a dress-like top that covers much of her mid-section. Much like the previous swimsuit, she points out that this one too has a good supportive underwire.

And finally, her last swimsuit is a two-piece with a black top and a bottom with, as she puts it, an “Asian” pattern. She explains that lately it has been popular to wear tops and bottoms that appear to be from different sets. She also adds that this bottom makes her legs look longer because it uses strings on each side.

After explaining each swimsuit, she actually puts them on and shows off how they look on her. Obviously, you don’t care about that because it’s not like you found this article by googling “Erina Kamiya sexy bikini swimsuit video” or anything like that.

Check out the video below.

What else has Kamiya been up to lately? Well, in an even more recent video, she once again tried her hand at the naked comedy stylings of Akira 100%. Specifically, she does her own take on a recent video released by Akira 100% in which he uses a Newton’s cradle, the laws of physics and a whole lot of sexy hip movements to keep his little Akira from appearing on screen. Unlike the first time she copied Akira, she doesn’t fail in this one – although she does forego the hip movements, thus making things a bit easier for herself. Check out the video below.

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