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Naked Muscle Men Used To Promote Ibaraki Hot Springs In New 4K Ads (Video)

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Steamy onsen action.

Just about the most cliché thing an ad for an onsen (hot springs) can do is show naked girls soaking in hot water covered up in all the right places by steam. And apparently the people behind a new series of promotional videos advertising Ibaraki Prefecture’s hot springs realized this because they instead chose to use naked muscular men.

Released last week by the YouTube channel Ibarakira TV, this series of three ads is called the “Ibaraki Onsen File.” The ads use 4k resolution to show off the stunning beauty of some of Ibaraki’s most scenic and famous hot springs destinations. Oh yeah, and they also feature some buff men, who may as well be naked because all they’re wearing is beige briefs that are pretty much invisible.

The first of these videos focuses on the Isohara Seaside Hotel and its stunning open air bath (rotenburo).

Shot at Marumitsu Ryokan, the second video takes things indoors and showcases the elegant beauty of taking a bath with hot springs water at this traditional Japanese style inn.

The last video shows off the Yu no Sawa Mineral Springs, which is located in the northwest region of Ibaraki in the city of Hitachiomiya.

There’s been no word on whether any more of these ads will be made, however, given that combined the three videos have already managed to rack up around 200,000 views on YouTube, it certainly doesn’t seem out of the question that we may soon be getting more naked buff man bathing action. Maybe next time these guys should try breakdancing though.

Sources: Excite News, Pouch
Image: 【茨城温泉】北茨城の心と体を癒す 天空の露天風呂〈温泉×筋肉〉

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