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7.4-Magnitude Earthquake Off Fukushima Coast

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A massive 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the
coast of the Fukushima region of Japan early Tuesday morning (Japanese time).
This triggered tsunami warnings along the surrounding coastal areas. After
several anxious hours the Japanese Meteorological Agency lifted all tsunami
warnings at 12:50 PM of the same day. Currently, NHK is reporting no deaths and
only relatively minor injuries. They have also reported that this earthquake is
related to the devastating 9.1-magnitude earthquake that rocked the same region
in 2011.
Thankfully, it appears that this earthquake has not
caused any major damage. However, this earthquake and the subsequent fear of a
potentially devastating tsunami, like the one that led to the death of so many in
2011, was certainly a source of great anxiety for people in Japan. Unfortunately,
despite the relatively good news that this earthquake did not cause any deaths,
people are still quite concerned due to the very real possibility of aftershocks.
This concern also extends to people outside of the Fukushima region due in part
to the overall increase in significant seismic activity that Japan has been
experiencing ever since the March, 11th 2011 earthquake. Just this year Japan
experienced two particularly damaging earthquakes, a 6.6-magnitude one in
Tottori prefecture last month and a 7.0-magnitude one in Kumamoto in April. All
this goes to show that even though more than 4 and a half years have passed
since the horrible 2011 earthquake its effects are still being felt to this day
and will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future.

Source: NHK

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