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18,000 Calorie Udon Rice Bowl Goes on Sale in Japan

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The most lethal bowl of udon & rice you’ve ever eaten.

These days it seems like everyone is talking about eating healthy and watching one’s calorie intake. This is the case even in Japan. However, it looks like one Japanese restaurant chain has decided to rebel against this trend because they have given birth to a new menu item which contains almost 10 times the recommended daily caloric intake of an adult woman.

Created by the Japanese restaurant chain Sururi, this new dish is called the Hyper Udon Meshi, Curry Flavor (meshi = rice). As the name implies, the heart of this dish lies in the restaurant’s trademark udon meshi dish, which mixes udon noodles with rice and a whole bunch of other tasty ingredients to create a carb-rich dish that is tough to resist.

It all starts with a generous portion of udon noodles piled over two servings of rice stir-fried in butter. For flavor, this mountain of carbs is surrounded in a tasty curry soup.

The dish also features a long list of toppings, including vegetables, three eggs, two pieces of mochi (glutenous rice cakes), and a whole lot of meat–1.04 lg to be exact (2.29 lb).

As for the meat toppings, there’s two pieces of tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet), which weigh 170 grams (~0.39 lb) each. Then there’s 200 grams (0.44 lb) of thinly sliced shabu shabu (hot pot) pork. And finally, there’s a half kilogram (1.10 lb) block of roast pork.

For extra flavor, the Hyper Udon Meshi also features cheese, butter, and mayonnaise. And don’t worry about running out of these because all three are all-you-can-eat.

This delicious death sentence comes in at a whopping 18,000 calories. However, even though the calorie count is exceedingly high, the price is not. In fact, it’s actually very reasonably priced coming in at a mere 3,980 yen before tax ($36.42 USD).

The Hyper Udon Meshi, Curry Flavor is currently only available at Sururi’s Main Store (Honten) in Tokyo’s Shinjuku District and the Aeon Mall Hanyu location in the city of Hanyu in Saitama Prefecture (see below for location information).

Sururi Location Information

Sururi Shinjuku Main Store (するり新宿本店, Sururi Shinjuku Honten)
1-2-9 Kabuki-cho, 2F Citadine Central Shinjuke Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

Sururi Aeon Mall Hanyu Store (するりイオンモール羽生店, Sururi Aeon Mall Hanyu-ten)
2 Chome-381-3 Kawasaki, 1F Aeon Mall Hanyu, Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture

Source: @Press, X
Image: Actual photo of the Hyper Udon Meshi, Curry Flavor from press release @Press

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