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Anime Condoms To Be Given Out To Promote Premiere Of New Anime Series “Love And Lies”

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Get them while they last!

As part of a promotional stunt for the July 3 premiere of the anime adaptation of the ongoing manga series Love and Lies (恋と嘘, Koi to Uso), on July 2nd visitors to certain anime shops in Tokyo’s Akihabara district will be able to get their hands on some free anime themed condoms.

Although the whole idea of anime themed condoms certainly seems like it could be something totally bizarre (just imagine ripping open a Dragon Ball Z or Doraemon themed condom in from of your significant other), this particular tie-in product is actually a pretty good idea that fits perfectly with the theme of this series.

Written by Musowo Tsumugi and published by Kodansha, Love and Lies takes place in a near future where the Japanese government assigns its citizens a marriage partner once they turn 18 in order to help combat the country’s low birthrate. Those who do not go along with their assigned marriage face severe punishment. The story focuses on Yukari Nejima, a boy who after confessing his love to his childhood crush Misaki and discovering that she feels the same way about him, finds out that he must marry someone else. However, this marriage partner, a girl named Lilina, ends up being willing to let Yukari engage in a secret and illegal relationship with Misaki.


You can check out a preview for the series below.


It is not clear whether the condoms themselves will be particularly ‘unique,’ however, the condoms will come in three different Love and Lies themed wrappers that feature the female characters Misaki and Lilina. These condoms, much like the marriage partners in the series will be assigned to people randomly. Additionally, some of these condoms will allow recipients to win a special Love and Lies poster that cannot be bought in stores.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these very special and rare anime condoms you’ll want to head down to Akihabara on July 2. The condoms will be given out at various anime shops in the area, beginning with Akihabara Gamers at 1 p.m. This will then be followed by another round at Melon Books Akihabara Branch 1 at 1:30. And finally one last round at Tora no Ana Akihabara Branch B at 2 p.m.

Whether the fans of this manga/anime that manage to get their hands on this creative tie-in product ever end up tearing into the faces of their beloved characters in order to actually use one of these special condoms remains to be seen. However, for those that do, let’s hope these condoms don’t ‘ruin the mood.’

Source: Ota-Suke
Image: アニメ「恋と嘘」本予告&フレデリックが手掛けるOPテーマを初解禁!

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