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What If Mario’s Star Power Up Lasted Forever? J-YouTubers Have An Answer (Video)

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Image source: Kita no Uchishitachi

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be Mario after he gets the super star power-up? Yes, Mario is just a video game character and the Mushroom Kingdom isn’t a real place but just think about it for a second. To be an absolutely invincible and unstoppable killing machine for a few seconds must be a high like no other. And losing that power only moments after obtaining it? That must be horribly stressful, especially since just about everything in the world of Super Mario seems intent on killing him.

However, what would happen to Mario if the star power-up never wore off? Would it be too much of a good thing? Or would it be the answer to all of Mario’s problems? Thanks to Kita no Uchishitachi, a group of Japanese YouTubers/otagei dancers, we now have the answer to this very interesting question.

The video below has no spoken Japanese dialog so its thoroughly enjoyable even if you don’t know Japanese. However, there is some on-screen text that gives some more details about the events in the story. If you’d like to know what this text says then just keep reading below.

The video begins with an ominous scene of Luigi pointing a gun at the screen. After this the video cuts to the real beginning of the story,  which takes place 3 hours before the opening scene.

Image source: Kita no Uchishitachi

Following the time skip we see someone playing Mario and then pausing the game after he hears his doorbell. It is at this point where the problems start for Mario.

Image source: Kita no Uchishitachi

Mario waits and waits but the star power-up just doesn’t end. First he waits 5 minutes. Then 30 minutes. But nothing changes.

Image source: Kita no Uchishitachi

The sequence following the title screen reveals some
interesting information about how this “bug” affected Mario’s life in the span of just a couple of hours. The
on-screen text explains that after Koopa (Bowser) heard about Mario’s newly acquired never-ending invincibility, he realized that he no longer had any chance of defeating his nemesis and so he and his forces fled to a far away place. And yes, he takes Princess Peach with him. No longer being able to rescue the Princess due to Koopa’s disappearance, Mario had lost his purpose in life and so he decided to call Luigi in hopes that his brother would be able to help him. And boy does he sure try.

Image source: Kita no Uchishitachi

The ending sequence explains via text that following Mario’s death Koopa and his forces returned. With that everything went back to normal and the two were able to resume their never-ending battle once again.

Whether intentional or not, this silly video manages to raise a very interesting question. Is a life without challenges really worth living? Although difficulties in our life may not be fun, it’s thanks to these hardships that we are able to enjoy the good moments in life, like when a princess gives you a kiss on the cheek… for risking your life to save her… for the 100th time…

If you’d like to watch the Kita no Uchishitachi guys doing some Attack on Titan inspired dancing check out the article below.

Otagei Dancers Do Attack On Titan Dance Video (Video)

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