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Pikachu Owns Mimikyu In Epic Freestyle Rap Battle (Video)

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You wouldn’t want to know what Pikachu says about Mimikyu’s mother.

Pikachu is a Pokemon of many, many talents. Not only can Pikachu shoot deadly electricity from his body, understand human speech without any problem, and dance, a new video has just revealed that Pikachu is also able to spit rhymes like no other.

Released on December 8, this promotional video for the newest installments in the Pokemon series of games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, shows Pikachu and ‘Pikachu-impostor’ Mimikyu duking it out in an epic battle. However, it’s not the typical battle that you see in the world of Pokemon. This time around the battle these two engage in is a no-holds-barred freestyle rap battle.

Being that the two rappers in this new video are Pokemon and as such don’t speak English, or Japanese for that matter, the rap battle takes place completely in their native Pokemon ‘tongues.’ Although Mimikyu opens up strong with by saying to Pikachu a variety of witty insults, such as “gugagaga gugagaga,” Pikachu ends up coming out on top with truly devastating rhymes like “Pipikacchu Pikapikapikachu.”

Check out these two Poke-MCs go at it in the video below. And make sure to watch until the end to check out an epic mike drop.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first rap-related Mimikyu video Nintendo has created. The video below, which was released last year, is for a Mimikyu rap. The lyrics in the song are a bit sad though since they deal with how Mimikyu dresses up like Pikachu because he just wants to be loved… Poor Mimikyu.

Source: Famitsu
Image: 【公式】ピカチュウ vs ミミッキュ フリースタイルバトル (Pokemon Official YouTube Channel)

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