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Man Arrested After Stabbing Himself To Get Day Off From Work (Video)

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Source TBS News

Would you stab yourself in order to get a day off from work? A man in Aichi Prefecture did. However, even though he did get the day off, he wasn’t able to enjoy it because he ended up getting arrested that same day.

According to police, at about 7:20 a.m. on February 22nd, Masaru Miura, a 54-year-old resident of the city of Kasugai in Aichi, stabbed himself in the left hip area with an approximately 13cm long knife in a Nagoya Municipal Subway station bathroom. After stabbing himself, he went to a nearby police box and filed a false police report, saying “An unknown man stabbed me from behind.”

As police were waiting for Miura to receive treatment for his wound, which was roughly 2.5cm in length, they began to inquire further about the incident. Miura eventually admitted that he had lied and that he had stabbed himself. Police arrested him that afternoon for interfering with police duties.

Miura explained that he found the knife in a thicket near the subway station and that he did it because he did not want to go to work.

Miura was quoted as saying “I didn’t want to go to work so I did it” and “If I got hurt I thought I would not have to go to work.”

According to TomoNews Japan, Miura was mentally distressed about work-related matters. It is currently unknown if these work matters were related to overwork, which is a very common problem in Japan.

If you’d like to see a CG recreation of this story, then check out the TomoNews Japan video below.

Click here to read about an almost identical incident that occurred in Fukuoka almost three days after Miura was arrested.

Sources: Asahi Shinbun, TBS News, TomoNews Japan

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