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THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE Debut Single Music Video

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THE RAMPAGE, one of the many subgroups of the extremely
popular male music dance super group EXILE TRIBE has released a music video for
their debut single “Lightning.” The song, along with three other tracks, is set to be released on January 25th2017.

All of the group’s members were deeply involved in the
creation of both the song and music video. The leader LIKIYA was particularly
involved in the creation of the dance choreography.

It seems that more and more mainstream Japanese pop groups
are showing signs of being influenced by hip hop music and culture. Both the
musical style of this song and the visual style of the video are a clear
departure from the clean cut, innocent look and feel of the typical Japanese
boy group. In fact, one could argue that the overall style of THE RAMPAGE is
actually far closer to that of many male Korean pop groups, such as Big Bang, than
most male Japanese pop groups. Of course, THE RAMPAGE may simply have been
influenced by American hip hop but the idea that the success of K-pop groups in
Japan may be what is driving major music artists in Japan to adopt elements of hip hop into
their music and visual style is certainly an interesting one.
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